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Wood furnaces for a bath and a sauna of KRATER

In 2018 LLC Holunica has begun cooperation with the KRATER trademark

The model range of furnaces on power includes: 10, 12, 16, 22, 26, 30, 40 kW

  Executions of furnaces on material of a fire chamber and appearance of a tunnel:

   - "Classic" - material of a fire chamber and the gas flue carbonaceous qualitative steel

  - "Prestige" - fire chamber material stainless steel, the gas flue – carbonaceous steel

   - "Proffi" - material of a fire chamber and the gas flue stainless heat resisting steel

Advantages of KRATER furnaces:

- thickness of walls of the furnace of 4 mm

- thickness of the arch of a fire chamber of 10 mm

- thickness of system of the gas flue of 4 mm

- the system of the gas flue double-thread it is central focused

- the increased space for internal laying of stones

- a possibility of installation of the heat exchanger in the system of a flue or in a fire chamber

- a possibility of installation of a hinged tank up to 50 liters

- transformation of the furnace in execution the furnace grid with any of three parties

- the grid-iron lattice (RU-2) is calculated on coal

- the cooled door handle

- a door with fixing against spontaneous opening

- standard size of connecting diameter of a branch pipe of a flue

- the increased space under the furnace for the purpose of ensuring fire safety


- the self-cleaned system of a flue.

Delivery across Russia. From the manufacturer.

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