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Pipe scraper conveyor

Since 2018 the enterprise of LLC "Holuniсa" has started the realization of the project on the production of Pipe Scraper Conveyors. 159КСТ; 219КСТ; 273КСТ.

The realization of this project became possible due to the direct developer of this type of conveyors, the enterprise of LLC "Kontec", namely the head Wasserman Alexander Mikhailovich.

At present, LLC "Holuniсa" is the owner of all developments, design documentation and production technology.

Tubular chain conveyor has found its application in many industries. The list of all materials with which our pipeline operates, is unusually extensive, therefore we will tell only about the most popular spheres of its application.

Together we will make this list even more so that you can take advantage of all the advantages of a tubular chain conveyor.

Construction industry:

production of cement, gypsum, lime, bentonite clay;

building materials: refractory and silicate bricks;

glass production: quartz sand, limestone, soda and sodium sulfate, potash;

dry building mixtures: sand, lime flour, plasticizer.

Chemical, petrochemical and rubber industry:

chemical materials: sodium hydroxide, sodium sulfate, diphenyl guanidine, caustic soda;

rubber: technical carbon;

mineral fertilizers;

household chemicals: washing powder, cleaners, paints, glue;

building chemistry.

Metallurgical industry:

collection and transportation of trapped dust in the composition of aspiration-technological installations: metallurgical, lime, collector, abrasive, dust of ferroalloys, ferromanganese;

fireproof production: lime, chamotte, kaolin, talc, alumina, periclase, graphite, aluminum powder, magnesite;

production of aluminum and non-ferrous metals.

Mining industry:


enrichment of mineral raw materials: microcalcite, wollastonite ore, titanomagnetite weighting agent, chalk, sand, lime.

Food industry:

production of flour, cereals, sugar, salt;

brewing production;

production of mixed fodders.

Pharmaceutical industry

Heat power engineering

Equipping biological treatment facilities

Pulp and paper industry

Unloading areas and storage depots

Loading / unloading of cargo motor transport, railway wagons, ships

Tubular chain conveyor combines all the best qualities of other technical solutions and is the best equipment, suitable for the conditions of most industrial enterprises, for moving loose, viscous and pasty materials.

During transportation, the material fraction remains intact - it does not mix or break.

All conveyor connections are hermetic and do not allow the transported material to penetrate the environment.

Energy consumption at the same capacity is lower than for mechanical modes of transport, by 30%, and in comparison with pneumatic transport - 3-4 times.

The construction of the conveyor is strong. In the case of mechanical damage, individual elements can be replaced as soon as possible.

With the help of a tubular chain conveyor, you can precisely dose, cool, heat and mix the transported material.

1 - drive, 2 - unloading, 3 - rotary station, 4 - track, 5 - loading, 6 - stretch station

Delivery across Russia. From the manufacturer.

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