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Reception table

Reception table of the loading station of the conveyor


For improvement of technical characteristics of conveyors the plant uses new technological developments. Such innovation in a design of the tape conveyor is also the reception table with shock-absorbing laying. The located at the station of loading of the moved materials, primny table is the revolutionary decision in protection of conveyor systems. At the heart of a design of a table the shock-absorbing laying of Tega Friflo replacing usual shock-absorbing rolikoopor, and designed to absorb blows of the falling pieces of breed and to protect a tape from a gap is used.

Advantages of use of a reception table:

• easily and just is established;

• provides effective protection of a tape against damages;

• the lack of moving parts minimizes maintenance;

• provides continuous support of a tape on всѐм the site of loading of material;

• provides reduction of pro-rash and respectively cutting of costs for cleaning;


• improves centering of a tape.

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