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screw press

LLC Holunica offers you a press shnekovy for decrease in moisture in a product.

Basis of the proposed solution is application of a shnekovy press which is recognized as the best of the technologies reached today for performance of a task of division of liquid waste from firm.

The press consists of the following components:

• Basis

• Loading bunker

• Case

• Sitovy cylinder

• Screw

• Mechanism of regulation of effort of an extraction

The product can come to a press:

• by means of the pump;

• spontaneously from accumulative capacity;

• the conveyor through a loading funnel.

In the screw are used a sieve with various sizes of cracks. The fibrous firm fraction separates from liquid. Blades of the screw advance a filter-bed to an exit of firm fraction. Sieve surface self-cleaning. The design of a basket of a sieve prevents formation of traffic jams. Pressure in a forward part not big, but with increase in concentration of solid substance and up to an exit of firm fraction it increases. Extent of pressing and humidity of waste is regulated by the mechanism of regulation of effort of an extraction.

Advantages of a press squeezing:

• The press can work as at the open area, and indoors;

• The press is very economic (energy consumption from 4 kW to 7,5 kW);

• The press, self-cleaning, doesn't consume additional water;

• The humidity of solid at an exit from a press can fluctuate from 40 to 80% (depending on a scope);

• Productivity depends on characteristics of a product and the required humidity at the exit.

• Operation of a press is carried out by one person.

The press shnekovy is made in various modifications, with a wide choice of a design of screws, loading mouths, the sitovykh of cylinders with a size of cells from 0,1 mm to 1,00 mm. It allows to apply effectively a press at various required moisture content in a product.

Main scopes of a press:

• Dehydration of liquid waste of a beer pellet at breweries. The mash separated on the press comes back to the basis production cycle of the plant or is utilized. A dry part after small completion is used for a forage of animals.

• Dehydration of liquid waste spirit bards on distilleries. A dry part after small completion is also used for a forage of animals.

• Dehydration of liquid waste of manure on livestock farms.

• Cellulose dehydration in the paper industry.

• Peat dehydration.

• Dehydration of sewage.

The Shnekovy press can be used on meat-processing plants and poultry farms:

• reduction of content of solid substances in stock waters;

• dehydration of contents of a stomach of m of guts;

• division of mincemeat into firm and liquid fractions after sterilization;

• separation of the curtailed blood;

• dehydration of feathers in the systems of water supply.

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