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Roller conveyer


Roller conveyer 

Roller conveyer consist of group of rollers which axes are fixed in the fixed frame set on stands. The moved load is laid down on rollers and moves on them. For uniform and rectilinear motion on rollers the load shall have a smooth plain and rigid reference surface. If the load has no such surface, then it is laid down on the wooden or metal board called by the underpan. Small-sized piece and also bulk cargoes transport in boxes.

Roller conveyer happen not drive and drive; perhaps also combination of that and others. On roller conveyer with not drive rollers movement of loads is carried out by pushing through of rather easy loads manually, under the influence of a component of a curb weight of a load when the live rolls are given some bias towards movement, or, for heavy loads, by means of the mechanical or pneumatic pusher.

At roller conveyer with drive rollers each roller (or through one-two rollers) receives forced rotation from the electromotor directly (at pipelines of heavy type in rolling shops) or via tooth, chain or belt drives. In this case loads move the rotating rollers due to the frictional force arising between the adjoining surfaces of a roller and a load.

Its overall dimensions, diameter and step of rollers, and for drive live rolls also drive power belong to the main technical characteristics of roller conveyer.

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