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The machine SNT-M-P is designed for the production of perforated pipes from metal tape by rolling a spiral seam connection.

All operations of sequential forming and sealing of the rebate are carried out by a single induction motor with a capacity of 22 kW.

The speed of the belt and the performance are controlled by a smooth change in the speed of the motor shaft by means of a frequency Converter.

A distinctive feature of the machine is the automatic production of pipes of specified lengths and quantities, which can significantly increase productivity by eliminating manual operations for cutting pipes and reconfiguring the machine to the desired length of the pipe.

The machine is equipped with a perforating device for punching holes in the tape.

In another embodiment, the holes in the pipe are cut by a plasma cutter.


Unlike analogues, no additional machine is required for perforating the tape or pipe.

- User-friendly graphical interface.

- Visual visualization of the state of the machine.

— Automatically reconfigures the sensor length of the pipe.

- Automatic reset of the finished pipe.

- Pipe wall thickness from 0.4 mm ( usually up to 1.2 mm )

A distinctive feature of the proposed machine from the known analogues is the automatically moved pipe length sensor.

That allows you to increase the productivity of the machine by eliminating manual operations to reconfigure the machine to the desired length of the pipe.

The operator fills in the table rows with the length of the pipe and the required number of pipes of this length. The number of lines can be any.

When starting the machine, the pipe length sensor is automatically set to the specified length, and the pipe count counts the manufactured pipes, which are automatically dropped from the receiving table.

When the required number of pipes is produced, the length and number of pipes information is taken from the next line and the process continues without human intervention.

Characteristics of pipes



—Smooth inner surface

— Diameter from 60 to 800 mm;

— Width of belt 45 mm -154;

— A step of winding 33 is 130 mm;

—Tape thickness from 0.4 to 1.2.


Technical characteristics of the complex:




Power supply

AC voltage 380 V, frequency 50 Hz.

Power consumption

~ 30 kW

Tape speed control

Variable speed drive with smooth speed change from 0 to 17 m/min.

Pipe forming unit

Shaping pipe fixed rigid rings 60...800 mm. or according to the customer's order

Length of pipe

~ 450 - 12000 mm


Centralized from the pumping station.

Delivery table

The table is up to z m long to receive the manufactured pipe with a pipe length sensor.

Decoiler D-Boo

Self-centering tape holder .

The outer diameter of the Bay with the tape is not more than 1400 mm, the inner diameter is 295_330 mm. the Weight is not more than 1200 kg.

Cutting device

Electromechanical device for cutting pipes of a given length.


Management system SNT-M-P


The control system allows you to create a table of parameters for the manufacture of pipes. The table prescribes the length of the pipe and the required amount.

When the START button is pressed, the machine starts coiling the pipes sequentially, starting from the selected line. The feed rate of the tape is set by a potentiometer located on the machine control panel.(Vmax 17 m / min )

It is possible to pause and continue the winding program.

The machine status is displayed at the bottom of the user panel.

To set up the machine, go to the SETTINGS panel.

The mode SETTING is possible :

— Change the settings of the machine;

- Drive belt feed motor ( forward-backward);

— Disconnect the brake reel tape refills tape;

- Cut the pipe;

- Reset pipe;

- Repositioning the length sensor.



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