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Unloading cart of the tape conveyor

The cart is drum unloading

Unloading carts which are given in the figure 1 allow to carry out unloading of the horizontal site of the conveyor in any his place.

The unloading funnel of the cart can have a design which allows to dump freight from a tape on two parties and forward (in any combination).

The unloading cart moves on the rails established on a special design - a track which at the same time is also a middle part of the conveyor with the rolikoopor fixed on her.




1. Carts can have the left and right arrangement of the drive (in the direction of the movement of a tape).

2. Execution of funnels of III, IV, V, by VI with unloading on one party (right or left) is determined by the direction of the movement of a tape of the conveyor.

3. For unloading of abrasive materials of a funnel of executions of II, V and VI futerutsya by replaceable sheets.

4. The clip of the relsozakhvat is developed only for specified like a rail.

 Identification number of the unloading cart for the conveyor tape of =1000 mm wide, with drums with a diameter of 1000 mm, right

arrangement of the drive (P), with a two-hose futerovanny funnel of IIF, with rolikoopor of 159 mm: Unloading cart B100100-P-IIF-159;

the same, with the left arrangement of the drive (L), with a nefuterovanny funnel of II and rolikoopor of 127 mm: Unloading B100100-L-II-127 cart.



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