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Shiberny lock

Shiberny lock

Shiberny (knife) lock – the parallel latch, working body represents the steel knife in a form repeating pipeline section. Shiberny latches are intended for overlapping and regulation of a stream of bulks. The design of a latch allows to carry out opening, closing and adjustment in a working environment.

Material of a lock is chosen depending on service conditions, aggression and abrasivity of the transported material. If the increased tightness is required, locks izgotsavlivat with consolidations.

Vida Shibernykh of locks on a way of management:

• manual

• electric

• pneumatic

The manual lock is set in motion by means of a carving mechanical design (nut spindle). Rotary motion of the handle (steering wheel) will be transformed to progress of a barrier knife which, moving linearly, blocks section. Advantages of manual shiber: autonomy, simplicity of service, low price.

Shiber with the electric drive is set in motion with the help the motor reducer. Transformation vrashchatelno of the movement in forward is made by means of gear and rack transfer. Such latches are equipped with sensors of extreme provisions. Advantages shiberno of a barrier with the electric drive are simplicity of an ekspuatation and simplicity of connection to the power supply.


On some productions use of the electric drive is limited to potential potential of explosion of the transported materials (flour). Ensuring explosion safety of electric equipment — an expensive action, in most cases the decision is a shiberny lock with a pneumatic actuator which can be operated in the most adverse conditions. Shortcomings of latches with the pneumatic drive – lack of the smooth course and complexity of adjustment of speed.

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