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Spiral-navivalnoy complex SNT-3-A Тольятти


Spiral-navivalnoy complex SNT-3-A



Mobile version of SNT-3-A



Peculiar properties:

1 Mobility.

2 the CNC system eliminates manual operations as much as possible.

3 production of a pipe of the set length and quantity in the automatic mode.

4 pipe wall Thickness from 1 to 3 mm.

5 Complex after the migration process also allows the manufacture of spiral seam pipes with a diameter of from 100-1250 mm or TZ. of the customer.

Technical characteristics of the complex:


Feature         Value
Power supply       Alternating voltage 380 V, frequency 50 Hz.
Power consumption              of ~ 24.5. kW
Productivity production                   Speed of one meter of pipe (diameter 710 mm) 1.5-2 meters per minute
The pipe length              is 1000 mm.
The weight of the complex              is 3000 kg.



Features and options for ventilation pipes:

hole + ribs + lock pipe joint with the pipe, no holes.1.Material galvanized steel or according to the customer's instructions

2.The pipe length is 1000 mm.

3.Wall thickness 1 mm to 3 mm.

4.Ribs height up to 20 mm.

5.The diameter of the inner wall of the pipe 710 mm .

6.Hole diameter up to 100 mm.


7.Hole arrangement and quantity according to customer's order.




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